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Your one-stop-shop for all cash management and collections best practices.

Improving Customer Service in AR

Having an established and accurate AR system is crucial for customer retention and your company’s...

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The Power of AI in Credits and Collections

Expanding the volume and risk of collections can be adverse on cash flow and working capital. The...

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Improving cash forecast accuracy

Protecting the cash flow is a crucial part of maintaining a business successfully. Although revenue...

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Dunning guide

What Is a Dunning Notice?

A dunning notice is a communication that is sent out to remind clients...

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5 KPIs To Track for accounts receivables

KPI #1: Average Days Delinquent (ADD)

Average Days Delinquent (ADD) can help gauge collections...

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Artificial Intelligence in credits and collection

Expanding the volume and risk of collections can be adverse on the cash flow and working capital....

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The Ultimate Guide: Managing Idle Cash

Idle cash is the cash that is unprofitable because it lacks progress. Progress in this sense would...

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Cash management and forecasting

Most companies struggle with cash management and forecasting using complex spreadsheets. 

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How AR Automation Tools Help Close the Cash Flow Gap

A business can close the year showing a solid profit but still find itself out of money. Receipts...

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Technology in Finance

Finance teams deal with numbers - a lot of numbers. While the different areas within finance each...

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