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Cash management and forecasting

Most companies struggle with cash management and forecasting using complex spreadsheets. 

Manually formulating all the inputs needed for reliable and accurate cash forecasting is tedious work and error-prone. It’s also subjective and people-dependent - if your superstar finance team member goes on vacation, can others do the job without compromising quality?

The good news is that a lot of this work can be automated. With the right tools in place, the inputs (such as invoices, order backlogs, bank balances, payroll) can be gathered in near real-time. Correctly applying Machine Learning techniques can find hidden patterns in your data to make more accurate predictions about when your customer will actually pay.

A lot of finance teams still juggle spreadsheets for cash forecasting but they don’t have to.

Would you like to discover how businesses like yourselves can achieve a decreased DSO and accelerated payments, generating over 10x ROI using Payference's cash management and forecasting automation tools? 

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