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Challenges in managing various reporting and business dashboards

As most businesses have their data scattered, reporting systems and management dashboards must be able to pull data from these various sources to compose an accurate analysis. However, challenges of business reporting pile up when the system must incorporate distinct file formats and have to make technical trade-offs. Overall, this merging of data increases the time required for the system to interpret the data and limits scalability.

Data management is crucial throughout all parts of the data’s circulation. A system can minimize data quality issues by creating a data collection process where users are encouraged to think about ensuring the accuracy of the data and are provided a data management strategy. Siloed systems, caused by restricted access to some data, are a common challenge that demands the silos to be broken down for a proper compilation of the data. A standard for internal data must be instantiated across all departments/business units to have consistent data.

Data visualizations can only be useful when clients can understand them. Static documents are not always as helpful as the provider would assume; users should have the option to see customized versions of the data, tinkering with specific options. Insufficient representation of data is as common as poor navigation. Business management dashboards should decrease the amount of clutter on the screen and allow the user to move between pages effortlessly.

To avoid business reporting challenges, cash forecasting and business collections management dashboards should also implement similar processes to maintain data integrity. To boost the custom factor, the dashboard should update based on what is relevant to the user at the moment. Some metrics/charts significantly beneficial a year ago may have no use to the client today. This refresh not only lets users focus on more important information, but can help the system as well by decreasing the amount of data it has to process and store. Automating the data collection, a process Payference provides can guarantee the information is being updated frequently. Learn more about the benefits of automation here.

There are a number of obstacles and challenges that appear while ingesting business reporting data. By noticing them early and adapting, an intelligent system such as Payference can improve the user’s experience.

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