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How to Get Saved Searches in Netsuite To Show the Right Data

Trying to get the transaction saved searches in Netsuite to show the right data can sometimes be a challenge. Since every Netsuite setup is unique, the same method does not solve issues in every case.

Let’s say we want to list all our customer Invoices with their specific dates, amounts and invoice numbers.

We can choose from more than three ways to organize this information:

  1. We only care about the high-level details. This is the invoice header.
  2. We only want the line-level details with the dates and amount totals for each invoice line. This is the invoice line.
  3. We want both the invoice header and the lines.

Use the ‘Main Line’ criteria to control the output as specified below:

Main Line = Yes gives us option 1 above

Main Line = No gives us option 2 above

Main Line = Either gives us option 3

The Main line criteria is available for all transactions, including Vendor Bills, Customer Payments, Vendor Payments, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and more.

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