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Improving cash forecast accuracy

Protecting the cash flow is a crucial part of maintaining a business successfully. Although revenue is a more popular way of measuring cash within a system, cash flow measures not only inflow but also outflow, allowing a more conclusive analysis of the wellbeing of a business. Actionable insights to a cash flow are necessary to monitor and adjust development within a system. Unfortunately, forecasting is a difficult task and varies by industry and personal goals. Services providing very accurate forecasts are rare and those that prioritize customer satisfaction are rarer. 

Inaccurate cash flow forecasts many times are caused by insufficient resources, communication errors, or a combination of both. These inaccuracies can be extremely dangerous for a business as decisions are sometimes solely based on them. Communication within an organization is vital and learning what specific factors stimulate growth can help a company immensely. Without proper intelligence, a company can borrow too much for their immediate needs and those funds could be left idle - learn how to manage idle cash in our other blog.

Outlining different scenarios with a business’s cash flows gives a visualization of how certain factors will influence the company and its cash. Payference provides scenario creation along with their automated cash flow forecasting process, providing pivotal insights at a business owner’s fingertips.

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