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Payference is Now Sage Intacct Certified

Payference, provider of AI-driven cash flow management solutions for finance and accounting teams, announced today that its cash flow application is immediately available in the Sage Intacct marketplace. Payference helps CFOs and finance teams manage and forecast cash flow with the highest level of accuracy automatically. Payference eliminates the need to manually update spreadsheets and is natively integrated with Sage Intacct and other leading ERP systems.

"We're excited to offer Sage Intacct customers with autonomous cash flow management and forecasting capabilities," said Prashant Kumar, Founder and CEO of Payference. "With Payference, customers can extend the investment in Sage Intacct and benefit from intelligent automation of cash flow management, actionable analytics, and an intuitive dashboard. We're delighted to partner with Sage Intacct to serve mid-market companies"

"We are pleased to have Payference available on the Sage Intacct marketplace," said Eileen Wiens, VP of Business Development at Sage Intacct. "With Payference, our customers can confidently enter the future of cash flow management automation, driven by machine learning."

Payference’s differentiated approach leads to real-time cash visibility and forecasting, resulting in improved and timely business decision-making. Through seamless integrations with ERPs such as Sage Intacct and all major banks, Payference combines accounts receivables, accounts payables, purchase orders, and bank transactions and uses AI and machine learning algorithms to view and optimize cash flows in real-time.

Payference’s unique proprietary technology enables a more accurate prediction of cash inflow from the receivables as well as suggests ways to increase cash from payables. Payference helps you manage your receivables including assistance with the collections process.

"Payference has helped increase our productivity through more efficient cash management replacing the manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to manage burn rate and forecast cash," said Wei Wang, Head of Finance at Ordr Inc. “Payference’s unique approach enables us to focus on higher value items."

To learn more, visit the Sage Intacct Marketplace: Payference

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